Name: Leanne Bediako
Age: 22
Study: Bsc. in Pedagogical Sciences

1. How would you describe diversity in general?
Diversity means the presence of different kinds of people. This can be different everything: different skin colors, different sexuality, different lifestyle, different upbringing.
Diversity is important because living in a diverse community teaches one to be able to relate to people. I really think more diversity makes for better people. If you are used to diversity around you, you can get better in agreeing to disagree and accepting that some people just don’t see things the way you do.

2. Where do you see diversity at the UvA, where do you think diversity should be improved?
To be honest, I don’t think there is a lot of diversity in UvA. I do believe people have gotten more aware of that lately and are trying to improve this situation. This is a good start and I can’t wait to see how this active attitude of everyone working on diversity will be carried out and made visible.