Name: Jessy
Age: 20
Study: Bsc. Human Geography

1. How would you describe diversity in general?
For me, diversity means accepting and respecting our differences. Every person is unique and we can’t neglect this. We must be able to engage in a safe and understanding conversation, get different perspectives and broaden our view.

2. Where do you see diversity at the UvA, where do you think diversity should be improved?
I think the UvA is diverse in the way that there are people from all over the world. If you walk around you will see a lot of exchange students from China and United States. Although there are a lot of international students, the majority of the students at the UvA are white. I also believe that most of the professors have a Dutch or European background. The literature I read for Human Geography is also mostly written by ‘Western’ authors.

In order to create less Eurocentric perspectives, I think more professors from non-European countries should be invited to give lectures at the UvA. Also, in my opinion there should be more students with different backgrounds, I understand that this is easier said than done. But being conscious about this issues is a good first step. Organizations like Amsterdam United create awareness around this subject.