Name: Gizem 
Age: 25
Study: MSc in migration and ethnic studies

  1. How would you describe diversity in general? 

Diversity for me means that we are all different people with different lives, stories, experiences, and aspirations that may stem from the fact that we are from different genders, ethnic and/ or socio-economic backgrounds, have different bodies, and different strengths and weaknesses. Diversity means that we see these differences and acknowledge them, that we accept that these differences may be socially relevant but not intrinsically bad.

2. Where do you see diversity at the UvA, where do you think diversity should be improved?

I started studying at UvA only a few months ago right around the time the diversity commission was asking students to weigh in on their study results and proposed actions. Now a few months in, I understand why the commission was necessary. I hope the university makes changes in curricula and syllabi, is more diversity sensitive in the admissions process of students and staff, and also makes the university buildings more accessible.