Name: Mahmoud Alidrissi
Age: 24
Study: Bsc. Law

1. How would you describe diversity in general?
Diversity includes different elements of the human race such as ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, age, ability as well as citizenship and social and economic status. To me diversity also means the acknowledgement of and respect for these differences (or as I like to call them: unique qualities) without any prejudice towards people’s choices, responses and values based on these differences. After all, I believe diversity can help us reduce racism and other intolerances.

2. Where do you see diversity at the Uva, where do you think diversity should be improved?
I must say I don’t think there is a lot of diversity at the UvA. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the UvA had installed a diversity commission. At the same time I don’t think that this problem can be solved only by a commission or it’s findings. The UvA must act on these reports. That means an active attitude towards diversity issues, especially when it comes to raising students’ and staff’s awareness.