Amsterdam United is recruiting new board members for the 2022-2023 school year! This is an open call for UvA students seeking to be involved in making the school a more inclusive university through an intersectional lens, culturally-informed events, and representing the student body in diversity and inclusion policy work. Sound like you? Email us by June 10th with your CV and a short motivational letter at Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding the process of applying, being on the board, or any of the open positions.  We have a helpful resource on how to write a CV on our website that you could find with this link. Below you could find details of each of our open positions.

Chair → As a chair, you have to keep an overview of the running projects that you and your team are working on, making sure that things are going smoothly. You also need to be able to be responsive when things change and look for new opportunities to make AU grow! Overall, we are looking for someone responsible and communicative that likes to work with others and cares!    

  • Plan AU’s long-term strategy and goals
  • take lead in any AU involvement in policy work 
  • Have an overview of the running projects of the team 
  • Keep lines of communication with other organizations and our important points of contact (such as ECHO, the CDO, and faculty diversity officers)
  • Delegate tasks in an equitable manner 

Secretary → As a secretary you will take care of the logistics and the agenda-setting for the weekly meetings. You will help other board-members, if needed, with organizing events by for example mailing guest speakers for the events. You will take minutes during meetings and last but not least you are organizationally and communicatively strong. 

  • Orchestrate setting date and time for meetings and events 
  • Preparing meeting outline and ensuring that each board member has submitted their points of discussion respective to their role responsibilities 
  • Book meeting rooms 
  • Write notes during the meeting and keep time. 
  • Be available to take action points involved in organizing events, policy work, and community involvement

Treasurer → The Treasurer is responsible for the overview of the AU budget and all financial interactions related to the organization.

  • Make an overview budget for the whole year for each project 
  • Keep track of each projects expenses, invoices, and receipts
  • Coordinate compensation for speakers and collaborators by creating the invoices, and completing the financial transactions.
  • Be on the lookout if you see any additional funding opportunities and take the lead
  • Be available to take action points involved in organizing events/workshops/policy work/etc 

Event Coordinator → 

  • Lead event coordination including 
    • creating event structure and content and coordinating logistics, such as needed materials and location bookings. 
    • Coordinate task delegation with board members, according to the responsibilities of their respective role in the board 
    • coordination with collaborators
  • keep up to date with emails regarding event/workshop collaboration

PR → The most important task of the PR-coördinator is making sure that the correct information about what AU is doing (events, Community Connect, recruitment etc.) is being shared with the world.

  • Post our upcoming events, announcements, and relevant social justice content to instagram. Create posters with all known upcoming events periodically to foster a go-to place for event updates. 
  • Create eventbrite and poster for each upcoming event 
  • Create and send out newsletter at least once a month to inform about updates and announcements 
  • Strategize for promotion and outreach