We are happy to know that you are interested in learning more about our organization and the type of events we have held in the past. Below are links to a few of the events we held in the 2021-2022 school year.

Feelin’ and Healin’ : A Mental Health Workshop: a workshop aiming to demystify mental health in commemoration of Mental Health Week 2021

Enabling Misogynoir: Demon, Diva or Determined?: During the “Week Against Racism”, a discussion panel was held surrounding the documentary “Sylvana Demon or Diva”

Moving Traditions: Moving traditions is an annual AU event meant to create a space to critically think about and discuss the blackface character Zwarte Piet. In 2021, we held a film screening of the film “Our Colonial Hangover” and an open discussion

Contested Objects: The Racial and Colonial Dimensions of Material Culture: What are contested objects, why are they contested, and when did they become so? In collaboration with NIASthe 2022 NIAS Symposium explored the racial and colonial dimensions of our shared material culture.

Iftar: Students were invited to come share a free meal at Sham restaurant to break fast with one another in celebration of Ramadan.