Amsterdam United aims to create a diverse platform with an emphasis on broadening the perspectives of our community. Amsterdam United wants the UvA to be a reflection of the large variety of identities and backgrounds in the city of Amsterdam. We aim to cultivate more safe and inspiring spaces in the university for all students. Moreover, Amsterdam United hopes to make academic opportunities more accessible for individuals from all backgrounds.


Building community is a core value of ours. We aim to build connections in our community that transcend any systemic or interpersonal barriers – ethnic, religious, sexual, political, or other nature. Amsterdam United wants to ensure that interactions and relationships between people grow who might not otherwise come into contact with each other. Amsterdam United seeks to strengthen new commonalities, without forgetting what makes us different. Studies have suggested that students exposed to diverse academic settings have increased creativity, information processing, and group problem solving skills (Lauring & Selmer, 2011). We believe that our intersectional platform provides opportunity for substantial academic and internal growth for our community and the university at large.