Amsterdam United wants to be a home for all UvA students. Amsterdam United organizes various activities, such as; debates, meetings and film evenings. In all these activities diversity is key. Through these activities Amsterdam United wants to start the discussion on diversity within the UvA and create intercultural awareness for all UvA students. Additionally Amsterdam United accompanies first-generation students and students with a migration background who encounter obstacles in their study. Often, a negative connection is established between study success and diversity. Scientific research has shown that diversity and academic success go together very well, if it is guided correctly. A university that is developing a more inclusive climate can score well in terms of academic success and we want to contribute to this. Amsterdam United will contribute concretely to the supervision of students with a migration background and first-generation students, to reduce dropout and increase the academic success. Amsterdam United does this through the provision of training in academic skills, profiling in the labor market, organizing activities in which students can build a network and a mentoring program for and by students.


Amsterdam United wants to create a diverse platform where the expansion of the comfort zone and creating new intersections are key. The University of Amsterdam is located in a city with a large variety of identities and backgrounds. Amsterdam United wants the UvA to be a reflection of Amsterdam. We want, in the words of Halleh Ghorashi, create a ‘safe space’ that inspires students. A place where every student is inspired, gains knowledge, comes into contact with different views and in this way develops itself. Amsterdam United is a super diverse platform, which aims to transcend various limitations – ethnic, religious, sexual, political or other nature. Amsterdam United wants to ensure that interactions and relationships between people grow who might not otherwise come into contact with each other. Amsterdam United seeks new commonalities, without forgetting what makes us different. Amsterdam United does not focus on defined groups, but instead it focuses on the binding needs of all students. We see diversity as a way to open yourself up to the other. Confronting each other with thoughts, beliefs, lifestyles, ideas and broaden each other’s horizons are part of this. The researchers Jakob Lauring and Jan Selmer set “Multicultural Organizations: does a positive climate promote diversity performance?” If you open yourself up to diversity in language, values and information, this leads to strong positive associations with performance and satisfaction within a group. The study is based on 489 members of multicultural academic departments. The link between diversity and team performance is an important subject, because the population of the academic world is becoming more diverse. The research and various studies mentioned in the article, strongly suggest that students who are open to diversity, are better able to process information, are more creative and have better problem solving skills within a group. In short, not only students benefit and enjoy the experience of diversity, the University of Amsterdam also benefits from it by creating more developed students.