The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is at the centre of a city where people have numerous identities and backgrounds. Amsterdam United would like to see the great variety of identities of the city of Amsterdam back at the UvA. A place where each and every student can feel at home, be inspired, gain knowledge, encounter different visions and develop themselves. Therefore Amsterdam United aims at constituting a super divers platform where students with different ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, sexual identities, political views and so forth can get in touch. Amsterdam United wants to establish interactions and relations between people who otherwise might not meet each other. We try to look for new commonalities without forgetting what makes us different from one another. Amsterdam United does not focus on already delimited social groups but instead focuses on the need to connect all students. We regard diversity as a method that can confront one another with different perspectives, ideals, lifestyles and views which in turn will broaden the horizons that we have.

Amsterdam United’s main mission is to create a home for all UvA students. We lobby for a more inclusive university policy and organize various activities such as debates and movie nights where the key concepts are related to superdiversity. Also, Amsterdam United guides first-generation students and students with a migrant background to overcome the obstacles they encounter throughout their studies.

Join us!

As member of Amsterdam United you will get free access to our events. You will also get updates of all the activities that we are organizing. You can decide how active you want to be within the organization. Most important is that we together will form a superdivers student platform that will strive to create an inclusive university.