Amsterdam United and AIM Diversty present an interdisciplinary debate and seminar on Gender, Sexuality and Religion in the Netherlands.
This event will be one of the three events in the UvA Focus Week 2017: Global Citizenship and Accountability.
Questions such as: how do Gender, Sexuality and Religion come into play in the culturalization of citizenship in the Netherlands? And how did homonationalism emerge in the Dutch politics? Will be answered during this event.

Our event will aim to scrutinize and deconstruct the ongoing and intensified political discourses about citizenship in the Netherlands in which the concepts of gender, sexuality and religion are entangled as well. How is the culturalization of citizenship normalized in the Netherlands and what notions are intensified during these processes? How do gender, sexuality and religion come into play?

Our speakers are:

Dr. Jan Willem Duyvendak – opening and keynote-lecturer
Dr. Jan Wllem Duyvendak is Distinguished Research Professor of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. He wrote many things including ‘European Sexual Nationalisms: The Culturalization of Citizenship and the Sexual Politics of Belonging and Exclusion’.

Dr. Paul Mepschen – interactive lecturer
Dr. Paul Mepschen is lecturer in Social Anthropology at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University and postdoc at the University of Amsterdam. He teaches courses on religion, gender, politics and ethnographic methodology. He is currently working on a research project on the urban politics and historical anthropology of LGBTIQ pride, focusing on the sexual politics of ‘Europe’.


When? Thursday April 6th
Time? 6 pm – 9.30 pm
Where? CREA, Musicroom at Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, Amsterdam

The last part of the event will consist a discussion with our guestspeakers as our panel.
Join us for an inspiring event with discussion and we would love to hear your perspective about Gender, Sexuality and Religion in the Netherlands!


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