We are excited to inform you about our new program build for students, by students: Community Connect. Through the Community Connect project, we aim to foster community by building meaningful and lasting connections between students from diverse backgrounds who would otherwise miss the opportunity of crossing paths. The project aims to create a larger community to foster a deeper sense of belonging and cultivate an environment that creates bridges to academic success. To achieve this goal, Amsterdam United’s Community Connect is built on two pillars. The first revolves around the creation of community ties where those who choose to join us can exchange knowledge and co-create fulfilling, joyful experiences. The second pillar aims to make excelling academically and interpersonally more accessible in the specific context of the University of Amsterdam.

Check out our first few community connect events!

  • Your story, your voice : An open mic and discussion on growing confident on sharing from an authentic place. Occuring on December 1st. Check out the event page for more information.
  • Study with me : A community study session, 45/14 pomodoro method with focus music, refreshments, and snacks. Two sessions will be offered, one on December 13th and the other on December 17th. Check out the event page for more information.

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